The Real Pod #12: Anne the Champagne Lady wants YOU to come to her party

May 9, 2017

This week we drain some delicious bottles of Champagne Jacquart with New Zealand's greatest reality television star, Anne Batley Burton. Having never seen a moment of The Bachelor NZ before, Anne helps us dissect the past week in the mansion, as well as regaling us with hilarious tales from her extraordinary life.

How did Anne meet Cuddly Bear? What's a wang dang doodle, really? And why oh why have you not bought a ticket to her fundraising shindig yet??? The deal is: buy a ticket to Anne’s incredible ‘Pussy Galore’ benefit, held in Auckland’s plush Parnell on May 17, then forward the ticket to and you’re on the list for a pre-party at The Spinoff offices, with complimentary CHAMPAGNE JACQUART and a guaranteed selfie with the Lady herself. Can't put a price on that ($120).


The Laugh Off: The Spinoff’s comedy festival podcast!

May 1, 2017

Comedy expert Chelsea McEwan Millar and comedy co-editors Sam Brooks and Natasha Hoyland sat around the oval table to give their unqualified opinions and general banter on the NZ International Comedy Festival.

The first episode of our comedy festival podcast The Laugh Off has our host and comedy editors talk about the first few days of the Comedy Festival. They go into the immense lineup of the Comedy Gala, the differences between the broadcast and the televised version, and give their picks for the first proper week of the festival.


Real Pod #11: You better lose yourself in the nuggets

May 1, 2017

The Real Pod team are reunited after a tumultuous few weeks, to chill out and talk Bachelor and pop culture like a bunch of frozen contestants in an ice bath. We also dissect Max Key's pitiful chicken nugget challenge, bFM's hiring of plucky upstart Michael Havoc, and laugh raucously about judges solemnly listening to 'Lose Yourself' in court.


Real Pod #10: In which we are joined by ACTUAL BACHELOR Jordan Mauger

April 25, 2017

Welcome to a landmark episode of The Real Pod, where Jane and Alex are joined LIVE and IN PERSON by Jordan Mauger of The Bachelor NZ 2016. Despite his resistance to watching "trash TV", they somehow manage to discuss this week on The Bachelor NZ, before Jordan answers your hard-hitting questions about his time in the mansion.

Why were his shoes so disgusting? Did he write the date cards? Why did he even go on the show? Has he worked on his Sméagol impression? How did he cope with us slamming him every week? All that answered, plus a bombshell in the last two minutes that left us literally gasping.


Real Pod #9: In which we replace Duncan with Shaka Shari from The Bachelor

April 18, 2017

With Duncan rocking a flower crown with the best of them at Coachella, Alex and Jane are joined by Shari Flavall of The Bachelor NZ season two on The Real Pod this week. Over Easter eggs and rosé they deconstruct the latest episode of The Bachelor NZ which included Karena’s Dom Bowden bombshell, mystical rice planting and brown water rafting.

Shari also answers all your burning questions from behind Bachelor doors. How stir crazy do they get? Why did she do it? Who cooks the food? And what’s Naz really like? You’ll have to listen to find out ...


Real Pod #8: We make Bill English’s Pizza and cry for Nina + come party with the pod!

April 11, 2017

The Bachelor took a giant emotional dump on us this week, via the tearful elimination of Nina, the show's everywoman heart. Jane, Alex and Duncan picked themselves up off the floor to bring you this week's podcast, featuring a short cameo from Robyn, Duncan's seven year old daughter, analysing Max Key's vlog and giving her definitive take on the intruders. We also made and ate Bill English's 'not pizza' and in a Real Pod first; announced an incredibly exciting opportunity to go to the party with the #realpod and Anne the Champagne Lady.


Real Pod #7: Alex is nearly dead, but the Bachelor has come back to life

April 3, 2017

This week's episode is notable for Alex emerging from a flu coma to valiantly attempt to record a podcast. Jane and Duncan are operating on about five hours' sleep between them so it had all the makings of a disaster. Luckily the Bachelor woke up from its sleepwalk and is now looking like a classic season. We talk a bit about Lorde impersonators and No Lights No Lycra (a movement Alex is apparently a part of?!) and Max Key corner is on. But this week, it was all about the Bach.


Real Pod #6: Snake vs Plane, Gilda vs Adele and the latest on The Bachelor

March 27, 2017

This week on The Real Pod, Alex, Jane and Duncan open with a disastrous Tim Tam slam before diving right into the latest in reality television and real life in New Zealand. Obviously, week two on The Bachelor NZ saw Zac stand awkwardly next to an outdoor shower, Dom Bowden say "namaste" and Taylar wear a huge comedy jacket.

In other pop culture news, we talk about Richard Branson's random visit to Godzone, Adele taking Mount Smart by storm (literally) and the snake that flew here to see it all go down. It's been a bad week for Gilda Kirkpatrick, a worse one for Matty McLean and a great one for Max Key corner. Also, we review The Scott Base Pinot Project wines and talk so much more. Too much more.


Real Pod #5: The Bachelor NZ is back and we’re absolutely amping

March 21, 2017

This week on The Real Pod, Alex, Jane and Duncan dive straight into a record off the back of week one of The Bachelor NZ season three. What do we make of Zac Franich? Who did we get in the sweepstakes? Why are there so many elaborate back tattoos?

In other pop culture news, we talk about Jono Pryor’s emotional plea on Jono and Ben, Bieber and his past encounters with Jane, Pete and Manu being lame to Alex, and Duncan getting drunk with Angela Stone's ex. Featuring a bonus Moaning Myrtle impression from Alex.


Real Pod #4: Take one Elemeno P comeback and mix with disturbing chocolate water

March 13, 2017

This week on The Real Pod, Alex, Jane and Duncan meet over some lukewarm chocolate-flavoured water to discuss what's been going on in popular culture and life. In the space of just one week, Lorde went on Saturday Night Live, Duncan got his eyes sliced open and Jane went out two nights in a row. What a blinder.

Max Key Corner continues to hum away, a mysterious rose in The Bachelor NZ emerges and we visit some MKRNZ contestants who have made good out of their instant restaurants. All this plus an exciting scientific exploration into 'muffin throat' and just so much more. Too much more.