Real Pod #20: Colonoscopy special + the unquenchable fury of a TV hack scorned

July 7, 2017

This week arrived late on The Real Pod thanks to Jane’s colonoscopy, a frightening event she describes in great detail on this week’s pod. We also discuss the combination of vitriol and silence which greeted The Spinoff’s story on 7 Days’ gender imbalance, and the even greater fury coming from TV writer and sourdough fan Gavin Strawhan toward Duncan.

The episode is tinged with sadness, however, as Duncan and Jane tearfully farewell Alex, who’s flying to Europe like her spiritual guru Anne the Champagne Lady to drink wine and potter about. We sent her off right though, with the return of Max Key corner, an update on Simon Barnett’s 2019 career plans, a lotato update… and the outrageous news that we’re giving away a freaking hardout fancy and expensive Huawei phone! For details you literally have to listen to the pod, but we have contrived a real funny and dumb entry mechanism and we’re bloody excited to see what you do with it.


Real Pod #19: The Block is back, Bill English has Snapchat and Si still won’t give up

June 27, 2017

It's a huge week on The Real Pod, with the New Zealand pop culture news about as piping hot as the cheesy low-carb Lotatoes that are up for review. The Block NZ is back with a carbon copy of last year's cast, Jeremy Wells got a multi-million dollar library fine, Bill English is still tanking on social media and Si & Gary just won't give up the Cruise dream.

Duncan also re-pitches the idea of an MP hotlist, Alex brings some Colin Mathura-Jeffree gossip from a celeb-studded opening night, and Jane measures The Herald's Lady Bronagh for the America's Cup.


Real Pod #18: Si & Gary’s heartbreak, clairvoyant news and the latest confectionery outrage

June 20, 2017

Alex returns from our nation's capitol to confront tales told in her absence. She also brings with her the latest Sue Nicholson and Bevan Chang physic/clairvoyant/seer news. The gang of three give their verdicts on Lorde's new album as well as mourning the apparent disappearance of Max Key's vlog. Not to worry there's always Rawdon Christie's bleak Instagram feed.


Real Pod #17: is NZ Survivor any good? What about Nigel Latta?

June 14, 2017

Alex has gone to Wellywood, so Jane and Duncan convinced her mere male Joe Harper to join the pod and give us a glimpse into life living living with the AC on 24/7. It was quite frankly disturbing and we're glad to be able to share it with the world. Forewarned is forearmed.

Joe is also one of New Zealand's biggest Survivor superfans, author of our Power Rankings and guest on TVNZ's aftershow, Little SurvivorHe caught us up on the New Zealand edition, and the global fans response. We also talked about our worst ever jobs (Joe's was eating onion rings all day, which doesn't sound that bad tbh), this giant turkey loose in Dunedin, a disturbing scandal on Bachelor in Paradise, the new John Campbell / Nigel Latta show and, somehow, more. Plus, we drink the new sugarfree Coke for the real review!



Real Pod #16: Sir John Key gets a Lady Bronagh

June 6, 2017

This week on The Real Pod, the gang travel back to the ancient land of 2017, where knights, dames and maidens roamed the Earth. That's right, the Queen's Birthday Honours list belched up some interesting picks from John Key to Julie Christie. Duncan defends Julie Christie in a royal joust, Alex wins a damehood for services to hair growth and Jane won't stop talking about her bloody bread rolls.

In other news, Max Key gets in trouble with the world for outing the location of Lorde's Auckland home, Mike McRoberts has run a good marathon time and Jordan Mauger has blessed us with yet another belfie. C'mon let's go to the bum tan lines, it's The Real Pod


Real Pod #15: Some angels get their bingo wings at the Shortland Street 25th birthday party

June 1, 2017

In our first Bachelor-free week in a long time, host Jane Yee is joined by Alex Casey and Duncan Greive to still talk about The Bachelor for an extended period of time. We talk about The Women Tell All episode, Ceri's gross bin-chicken revelations and life outside the mansion for our recently lapsed Bachelorettes.

Beyond that, we recall a night with Ferndale's finest for the explosive 25th anniversary episode (starring Alex), Jane frantically bids on an expensive cake live on mic and we argue the effectiveness of David Bain's name change. JJ is auctioning off her boobs, John Key is doing a dab and, in the words of Jane herself, "no-one finds this interesting."


Real Pod #14: Our raw, LIVE reaction to The Bachelor NZ finale

May 22, 2017

'Twas a brisk Christchurch evening when The Real Pod team assembled with 70 of their best mates* in the city art gallery to talk about our feelings following Zac Franich's final decision. Why did Lily miss out despite winning over his family? Why wasn't there a final rose? Why were his trousers soaking wet?

Beyond The Bachelor NZ – because we'll all need to move on eventually – the gang also sum up a crazy week in celebrity interactions. Whether it is meeting Bachelorettes at the Pussy Galore party, singing with Cuddly Bear or making bad jokes at the Canon Media Awards, we spill all the insider gossip you never knew you needed. Soak it up like a pair of Hallenstein's chinos on a Hawke's Bay beach.


Real Pod #13: The Beanboozled challenge meets The Bachelor overnights

May 16, 2017

'Twas the night before The Champagne Lady's party and The Real Pod gang are preloading with disgusting flavoured jellybeans and unfounded claims about Avril Lavigne being dead. Before tackling the penultimate week on The Bachelor NZ, we chew over Bill English's walk-run and the highs and lows of Mother's Day

Zac Franich's competitive kayak to the finish line of love is nearly over, and we were blessed to spend time on hometown dates this week. Which Dad has the best facial hair? What is Rosmini? And why did no-one get to stay overnight? All your questions: finally answered to varying degrees of success.


The Real Pod #12: Anne the Champagne Lady wants YOU to come to her party

May 9, 2017

This week we drain some delicious bottles of Champagne Jacquart with New Zealand's greatest reality television star, Anne Batley Burton. Having never seen a moment of The Bachelor NZ before, Anne helps us dissect the past week in the mansion, as well as regaling us with hilarious tales from her extraordinary life.

How did Anne meet Cuddly Bear? What's a wang dang doodle, really? And why oh why have you not bought a ticket to her fundraising shindig yet??? The deal is: buy a ticket to Anne’s incredible ‘Pussy Galore’ benefit, held in Auckland’s plush Parnell on May 17, then forward the ticket to and you’re on the list for a pre-party at The Spinoff offices, with complimentary CHAMPAGNE JACQUART and a guaranteed selfie with the Lady herself. Can't put a price on that ($120).


The Laugh Off: The Spinoff’s comedy festival podcast!

May 1, 2017

Comedy expert Chelsea McEwan Millar and comedy co-editors Sam Brooks and Natasha Hoyland sat around the oval table to give their unqualified opinions and general banter on the NZ International Comedy Festival.

The first episode of our comedy festival podcast The Laugh Off has our host and comedy editors talk about the first few days of the Comedy Festival. They go into the immense lineup of the Comedy Gala, the differences between the broadcast and the televised version, and give their picks for the first proper week of the festival.