The Real Pod #26: We went to see Matilda in the same room as Matilda

August 25, 2017

The Real Pod team assemble back in the boardroom of dreams to tackle musicals, social media stars and rubbish bin woes. 

In this week's #realpod Alex, Jane and Duncan are all collectively put in chokey by the Matilda musical – especially the galaxy of stars who came out to watch it. Alex revealed her technique for dealing with stressful encounters with people she's bagged on the internet (hiding), while Duncan reveals that Colin Mathura-Jeffree will soon be returning to our screens (finally).

The other big event is the New Zealand social media awards, which Alex recounts as a mix of excellent 2017 chaos and quite bad behaviour. The main takeaway is that How to Dad is a legit proper IRL celebrity. All this, plus Jane has a very big problem with her bin – and maybe you can help???


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