Real Pod #25: Sailing the seven seas of gossip on a sinking pirate ship

August 16, 2017

As the pirate ship at Rainbow's End makes its final voyage this week, The Real Pod stowaways are regaled with producer Mad's tale from the seven seas that would make Jack Sparrow weep. Alex recounts a weekend hopping between investigative journalism and Miss Universe NZ, Jane shares some juicy Married at First Sight goss from a jazzy night out and Duncan somehow manages to talk about his cheese noodle recipe again.

Also: The Block NZ is rating better than ever, Max Key wants to host an election debate and/or cut his hair, and we launch a brand new self-help segment called Puru the Guru. Watch out Bridget Saunders, The Real Pod is coming for your gossip crown.


Real Pod #24 - Mark Richardson did a poo off a jet ski

August 8, 2017

After many weeks apart, host Jane Yee is joined by Duncan Greive and Alex Casey to discuss the latest in New Zealand television, pop culture and real life. Following a shitter of a week for Mark Richardson, the team double down on his recent confession that he defecated off a jet ski. Does that make him a good authority to talk about Jacinda's child-rearing plans? Should anyone talk about Jacinda's child-rearing plans?

Beyond that, Duncan recounts his amazing boozy day at Hilary Barry's house, Jane shares a tip for drying dish gloves and Alex brings back exciting news from Europe of a potential mermaid tail sponsor. Who is the hottest bloke in radio? Will 7 Days ever have more than two women? When will lazy Matootles let us read her book? All your questions: probably not answered.


Real Pod #23: Matilda Rice will definitely lose to Brodie Kane in a Fight for Life

July 27, 2017

With some literal last minute planning, Duncan Greive and Jane Yee are once again joined by producer Madeleine Chapman for a slightly delayed episode of the Real Pod.

In a genuine attempt to be more professional, Jane takes one (the only one) suggestion from a listener by discussing the recent rise in swearing on Shortland Street. Should Chris Warner be allowed to say 'shit'? Probably. He's doing it, that's for sure.

Madeleine shares her experience of eating the new 20 pack of Chicken McNuggets and sadly not being satisfied, the opposite of how all three felt after watching the heartwarming new Vogels ad. 

Duncan contemplates next week's episode where he may or may not perform a monologue while Jane and Alex are both overseas. Yay or nay to a Duncan solo? Let us know.


Real Pod #22: Loving romance and loving love with Sam Cable from The Block NZ

July 19, 2017

Duncan and Jane went full Blockaholic this week with special guest Sam Cable, 2016 winner of The Block NZ, and a block of Caramilk chocolate. Using the immense power of the sponsorless podcast, the pair help Sam put the call out for a new flatmate. Ever dreamed of living with Sam and Emmett from the Block? For a mere $300 a week, you can. 

Sam then goes on to spill the beans about almost every aspect of reality television including how to ruin a shot after you've said something bad, whether or not the winnings are taxed, and why his favourite phrase "I just love love" was never included in the final cut.

Warning: this episode contains an obscene amount of Dominos chat as Duncan learns that Sam designed his local Dominos Pizza joint and proceeds to pitch his life away in an effort to secure a carb sponsor.


Real Pod #21: ploughing through Survivor NZ and a whole lotta Shapes

July 12, 2017

With Alex Casey waltzing through Paris eating baguettes in a beret, Duncan and Jane ushered Mad the producer into the limelight. It was a night of a thousand, or maybe just 15, snacks, all of which were Shapes. Far too much time was spent loudly chewing and ranking the five original flavours of Shapes, which probably reveals something about each of our psyches but we're not sure what. Saunter on over to our facebook page for a chance to win the full Shapes set for yourself.

Duncan also speaks to Joseph Harper (featuring some great broadcasting transitions) about the best and the worst of Survivor New Zealand's debut season. Is it better than New Zealand's Next Top Model or The Bachelor NZ? Back in the studio we ponder the poor execution on The Block NZ last week and the potential jackpot of having America's Cup winner Blair Tuke as out next Bachelor. Bonus: Jane accidentally delivers a sick burn on her favourite person Mama Chapman aka Mad's mum.


Real Pod #20: Colonoscopy special + the unquenchable fury of a TV hack scorned

July 7, 2017

This week arrived late on The Real Pod thanks to Jane’s colonoscopy, a frightening event she describes in great detail on this week’s pod. We also discuss the combination of vitriol and silence which greeted The Spinoff’s story on 7 Days’ gender imbalance, and the even greater fury coming from TV writer and sourdough fan Gavin Strawhan toward Duncan.

The episode is tinged with sadness, however, as Duncan and Jane tearfully farewell Alex, who’s flying to Europe like her spiritual guru Anne the Champagne Lady to drink wine and potter about. We sent her off right though, with the return of Max Key corner, an update on Simon Barnett’s 2019 career plans, a lotato update… and the outrageous news that we’re giving away a freaking hardout fancy and expensive Huawei phone! For details you literally have to listen to the pod, but we have contrived a real funny and dumb entry mechanism and we’re bloody excited to see what you do with it.


Real Pod #19: The Block is back, Bill English has Snapchat and Si still won’t give up

June 27, 2017

It's a huge week on The Real Pod, with the New Zealand pop culture news about as piping hot as the cheesy low-carb Lotatoes that are up for review. The Block NZ is back with a carbon copy of last year's cast, Jeremy Wells got a multi-million dollar library fine, Bill English is still tanking on social media and Si & Gary just won't give up the Cruise dream.

Duncan also re-pitches the idea of an MP hotlist, Alex brings some Colin Mathura-Jeffree gossip from a celeb-studded opening night, and Jane measures The Herald's Lady Bronagh for the America's Cup.


Real Pod #18: Si & Gary’s heartbreak, clairvoyant news and the latest confectionery outrage

June 20, 2017

Alex returns from our nation's capitol to confront tales told in her absence. She also brings with her the latest Sue Nicholson and Bevan Chang physic/clairvoyant/seer news. The gang of three give their verdicts on Lorde's new album as well as mourning the apparent disappearance of Max Key's vlog. Not to worry there's always Rawdon Christie's bleak Instagram feed.


Real Pod #17: is NZ Survivor any good? What about Nigel Latta?

June 14, 2017

Alex has gone to Wellywood, so Jane and Duncan convinced her mere male Joe Harper to join the pod and give us a glimpse into life living living with the AC on 24/7. It was quite frankly disturbing and we're glad to be able to share it with the world. Forewarned is forearmed.

Joe is also one of New Zealand's biggest Survivor superfans, author of our Power Rankings and guest on TVNZ's aftershow, Little SurvivorHe caught us up on the New Zealand edition, and the global fans response. We also talked about our worst ever jobs (Joe's was eating onion rings all day, which doesn't sound that bad tbh), this giant turkey loose in Dunedin, a disturbing scandal on Bachelor in Paradise, the new John Campbell / Nigel Latta show and, somehow, more. Plus, we drink the new sugarfree Coke for the real review!



Real Pod #16: Sir John Key gets a Lady Bronagh

June 6, 2017

This week on The Real Pod, the gang travel back to the ancient land of 2017, where knights, dames and maidens roamed the Earth. That's right, the Queen's Birthday Honours list belched up some interesting picks from John Key to Julie Christie. Duncan defends Julie Christie in a royal joust, Alex wins a damehood for services to hair growth and Jane won't stop talking about her bloody bread rolls.

In other news, Max Key gets in trouble with the world for outing the location of Lorde's Auckland home, Mike McRoberts has run a good marathon time and Jordan Mauger has blessed us with yet another belfie. C'mon let's go to the bum tan lines, it's The Real Pod