The Real Pod #3: New Lorde is good, new Sensing Murder sucks, new pies are nice

March 3, 2017

It’s a massive week on The Real Pod as Alex, Jane and Duncan discuss the one-two punch of Lorde’s new single and the nation’s new Bachelor. After a ten year hiatus Sensing Murder makes a not-at-all-awaited return to our screens this week and, equally exciting, our #realpod hosts cook and eat free ribs and pies.

The Real Housewives of Sydney fly first class into our living rooms, the soon to be infamous Max Key Corner segment is born and Harry Warner’s dickpic goes global - something Jane is taking full credit for. All this plus Ali Mau’s horrific alcoholic milk related injury, Elemeno P’s return to the stage, Duncan’s epic 12 hours as a MediaWorks personality, and Emily Writes’ amazing new book that we haven’t been able to read yet because it’s all sold out (that’s how good it is btw).


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