The Real Pod #2: The Project arrives + a new Bachelor is coming

February 24, 2017

Jane Yee, Duncan Greive and Alex Casey gather to the oval table and talk about the latest happenings in New Zealand television and real life in New Zealand.

The dorks return for episode two, with a whole lot of new television to discuss. This starts with the impressive debut of The Project NZ, and Duncan's terrified reflections on what auditioning for the role did to him. Next it's a meditation on how the near bottomless talent pool which surrounds Jono and Ben struggles to make a coherent show, followed by Alex and Jane wondering what on earth has happened to the US Bachelor. The sadness at its failure is countered by extreme excitement about its New Zealand version's imminent return – the Bachelor is revealed live on The Project NZ tonight. The trio finish up recounting their different but also thematically near-identical bad Valentine's Day experiences, and Jane reviews the temporary Air New Zealand lounge at Melbourne Airport. The stories which matter, ya know?


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