Real Pod #24 - Mark Richardson did a poo off a jet ski

August 8, 2017

After many weeks apart, host Jane Yee is joined by Duncan Greive and Alex Casey to discuss the latest in New Zealand television, pop culture and real life. Following a shitter of a week for Mark Richardson, the team double down on his recent confession that he defecated off a jet ski. Does that make him a good authority to talk about Jacinda's child-rearing plans? Should anyone talk about Jacinda's child-rearing plans?

Beyond that, Duncan recounts his amazing boozy day at Hilary Barry's house, Jane shares a tip for drying dish gloves and Alex brings back exciting news from Europe of a potential mermaid tail sponsor. Who is the hottest bloke in radio? Will 7 Days ever have more than two women? When will lazy Matootles let us read her book? All your questions: probably not answered.


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